Technology Problem Solution ” TPS”


TPS is Technological Problem Solution, It works on finding a technological solution for every problem we could face daily.
TPS works with technology to facilitate the goals and desires we seek to reach and to overcome the obstacles that are discovered on our way.
TPS is generated to create web solution, mobile application, E- commercial, digital marketing, marketing consultant, smart menus, and multimedia presentation.


– We will code and Develop scientific and technological solutions to face Egypt’s problems.
– We exerted our maximum effort to be the best company to solve problem in middle east within our first 5 years.


– We work with passion to bring your ideas into life with best quality and cheapest cost.
– To access Technology in all problems to have a new modern solution that fits our modern life and develop the efficiency of researchers, inventors and academic instructors practically.
– We work with unconventional way to provide our services to you which help you to find solution for your problems with technology ways.
– Creating different and new user experience with getting details in each and every tiny part in our solution.
– Helping anyone with just a new applicable idea.

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