Point Of Sale

About this Service

– Cashier system is ideal way to manage complete business operation.
– Display your products easily through product grids, where tiles can be used for variable product selection.
– No Monthly Fees, say goodbye to monthly fees.
– Your sales and register settings are always safe, available and up to date. Along with your products and orders.
– Load your uncompleted web orders straight to the register and fulfill your order right away. Control what status loaded orders need to be.
– Built for flexibility, our Point of Sale plugin can be used in any industry and business venture.
– Sell your custom and variable products on the fly. Add meta fields such as Size and Colour to the product details.
– Designed With Perfection, By using our system, you can instantly tell that we put our time and effort into making this interface both easy to use and beautiful to look at.
– Barcode Scanning, Print barcodes for your products and scan them in to sell quickly and efficiently. Choose out of a variety of barcode label templates.
– Keep a track of that special customer request by adding it as a note to the order. Never miss that important detail.
– Offer discounts in % or in your local dealing currency. This can be applied per product or per cart. You can also apply coupons.
– Manage and accept decimal based stock for your weight based products, such as jewelry or vegetables.
– Set the register to automatically print and email receipts. Define the number of receipts to print or even add a gift receipt.
– Delivering the goods to the customer? Not a problem. Add shipping details to the order straight from the register.
– Show your customers what’s in the basket by connecting a new tab to an external pole display monitor. Perfect for finalizing orders.
– Add your customers right from the register or search for existing customers from the search bar.



Cashier System


Restaurant Cashier

Our Design Process:

  1. Request the service by contacting us and briefs us of what you want and need.
  2. We contact you 24 to 48 hours to review your request, brainstorm and confirm the predictable cost.
  3. You will pay 50% of project predictable cost.
  4. After finishing project time, we will contact you to test your demo and receive your notes.
  5. You will pay the last 50% of project cost.
  6. Final execution of the approved idea.
  7. Done! Time to party and celebrate!

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