School Management System "SMS"

About this Service

– School Management System “SMS” is ideal way to manage complete school operation.
– The system has different access rights for School Manager, Teacher, Student and Parent.
– Control all school activity online.
– Anytime, Anywhere access.
– Exam, marks and results management.
– Students and teachers attendance.
– Reports to gauge teacher and student performance.
– Manager, teacher, student and parents dashboard.
– Subject, class, grade, attendace, manage marks, message and notice-event modules.
– Transportation, hall-list, holidays, migration, payments, class route and attendance reports

Our Design Process:

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  3. You will pay 50% of project predictable cost.
  4. After finishing project time, we will contact you to test your demo and receive your notes.
  5. You will pay the last 50% of project cost.
  6. Final execution of the approved idea.
  7. Done! Time to party and celebrate!

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